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  • Leonard Robinson Chin

    November 4, 2021 at 1:19 pm

    Internal recruitment would refer to the practice of sourcing for a vacant position with candidates within the organization as oppose to external recruitment which refers to the practice of sourcing for a candidate outside of the organization.

    Internal recruitment would provide opportunities for existing employees within the organization to grow their career. If the job opening is of a high pay grade, then it would allow for a promotion or a pay increase for the employee. If it is a lateral move (same pay grade) then it can be an opportunity for an employee to explore other areas within the organization. Having internal opportunity is one of the strategies that organization use as part of staff retention and managing staff turnover. By providing such opportunities to existing employees for high pay grade roles as well as to explore other areas would help the organization to retain its talent especially for high performers. Another advantage of internal recruitment would be a shorter learning curve before the employee in the new role can become productive as the existing employee would have already been familiar with the work culture, tools, policies and methodologies of the organization.

    There are some situations where the organization would need to use the external recruitment approach. In situation where the job opening requires competencies in a new or niche technology that is not existence currently in the organization. Hence the organization would need to look for suitable candidates outside of the organization. There are also certain situations for example policies impose by the government on the organization. Take for example to enjoy certain tax incentives, there would need to fulfill a certain number of local employees. Hence if the organization is short of these requirements there would need to hire externally to fulfill the requirement.

    Organization would need to use both of such practices of hiring internally and externally. In fulling the needs and demands of the organization, both practices need to be utilized and balanced out to meet the business demands of the organization.