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  • Pavala Malar Nadan A/L Mariappan .

    November 4, 2021 at 1:15 am

    Video recording can be scrutinized to assess the competences of the interviewer. Besides evaluating the interviewer, the video can also be used as a training/education aid for new Human Resources or hiring managers (The video can be use by trainer on do and don’ts for interviewers when they are conducting interviews).

    If I have the opportunity to assess interview’s video recording, I will be observing several aspects such as preparedness of the interviewer. The interviewer should have clear idea about the job description, tasks to perform in the job and job requirements. The interviewer also should prepare candidate personas to assist in identifying ideal candidate for the position.

    Only if the interviewer clear and prepared the above, the interviewer should be able to ask right and relevant questions related to the position, to assess the candidates’ knowledge, skills, experience, motivation and interests.

    The interviewer should have background information about the candidate, start the interview on time and be ready to answer candidate’s questions. The interviewer should be asking clear, concise questions and the interviewer should be able to differentiate candidate who are nervous versus someone who are unfit for the position. If the interviewer noticed the candidate being nervous, the interviewer needs to be charismatic and put the candidate at ease. The interviewer should avoid asking questions that are deemed to be insensitive, irrelevant or offending.

    The interviewer also should clearly communicate his/her expectations for this person in this position throughout the interview process. In addition, the interviewer should also clearly describe the job description, briefly explain the organization’s background/culture, compensation, perks and benefits offered by the organization.

    The interviewer should close the interview by informing candidate what he/she should be expecting after the interview.