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  • Maizatulziah Modin

    November 3, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    Before the pandemic hits, an interview happens physically face to face if you apply for a job within the country. It simply means a formal meeting in which the candidates will be asked questions to determine their suitability for a particular job.

    Video recording interview is not new for the hiring method. It is one of the methods for expatriates that apply for jobs across the globe. Fortunately, it is increasingly popular nowadays. During the Covid-19 pandemics, the hiring process is impacted. With the movement control order and restriction, people have limited access to go anywhere. Thanks to online meeting tools, the process can be done anywhere and anytime.

    Why video-recording interviews might also be useful in evaluating the interviewer?

    Video recording is useful to evaluate the interviewer in broad angles as if it is a physical face-to-face. The video recording can give ample time to the hiring managers to view at their convenience. They can revisit to do an analysis or comparison among the candidate at any time. Also, they can re-watch at any other time if there’s any other vacancy that suits the candidate’s resume.

    The interviewer can have their own pace to prepare. They have ample time to do some research about the company. Some people might have the best resume for that particular job. Unfortunately, their opportunity to get the job might impact if they are too nervous. The Video recording method allows this kind of people to be more relaxed.

    What would you look for in an interviewer if you were evaluating one on video?

    The better insight of the candidate of how well they dress, their preparation to the question, and how creative they are to make it interactive. It takes much effort to come with a presentable video recording. The arrangement, video background, layout, colors, and everything can assess a person’s personality. That info might help the interviewer to select the best candidate.

    In conclusion, video recording has its benefits for both interviewers and hiring managers. It saves time by not having physical face-to-face that require traveling. Indirectly, the hiring managers can assess the ability of the interviewer to have such connections for remote work purposes. It also can be shared so managers would be able to provide feedback.

    -Mai M-