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  • Qairul Muzzammil Kamaruzaman

    November 3, 2021 at 4:38 pm

    Although I haven’t had an experience in sitting in recorded interview sessions, I believe that this might be a good tool for an organization to evaluate their recruitment process, including interviewer skill level. The recorded sessions can be an internal record, which can be utilized to gauge the effectiveness of Interview preparedness and Interviewer skill-up. It will be a good data sets for multiple assessors to review the interviewer performance through time.

    As an interviewer assessor, I would look into how the interviewer carryout the interview process, how the interviewer represents the organization in finding the best candidate for the position. In detail, Whether the interviewer is asking the right questions in getting the correct information from candidate, how are the questions being asked, how did the interviewer review the input from candidate and finalize the recruitment process.