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  • Mohamad Yusri Bin Saidin

    November 3, 2021 at 9:58 am

    Q: When was the last time you participated in a survey? How helpful do you think was the information you provided? How could the research have been done differently to make it more effective? Discuss.

    I didn’t participate in any survey recently but the last time I participated is about a year ago, internal company survey for a new development of fragrances for home care and personal care. This kind of activities which is engaging internal staffs has started since 3 years ago. As a company that manufacture flavors and fragrances then supply to business partner, we are collaborating together and sometimes get a service from market research service provider. Market research service provider often has a pool of subjects with the required criteria for specific target segment such as gender, age group, life style, working status, races (different culture behavior and preferences), family size etc.

    Flavorists and perfumists are usually producing few samples that meet a concept that have been defined by business partners or our internal commercial team, then make a survey to identify which sample that satisfy the end customers before finalizing it into production.

    To get bigger range of data as an additional to the data received from market research service provider, we started to engage our internal staffs who is not related to R&D such as flavorist, perfumists and formula team, as we are also eventually end consumers for all products that available in the market. As a staffs of company that supplying fragrances essence to almost all well-known brands like Unilever, UDI, Wipro Unza, P&G, Lion, Kao etc., we don’t have any reason to be bias because we sell it to all of them although they might be a competitor to each other.

    Initially, the survey started with a definition of concept and follows by the subjective questions but most of the staffs are not able to describe their emotions and feelings properly, end up it is also hard to consolidate the feedback / data cleansing. Later on, with help of few approaches done by market research service provider, and the feedback from flavorists and perfumists regarding what kind of information that can help further the development of the products, the questions were changed to objective type with options to describe if it is not in the selection.