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  • Hareeraja Thechina Murthy

    November 2, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    Internal versus external recruitment shall be based on the need or requirement of each position and level of position. Cost efficiency also plays a factor to make decisions on whether internal or external recruitment.

    Normally, all the senior positions, managerial positions and top management positions shall be based on internal recruitment. Besides qualification and experience, Senior positions, managerial positions, and top management positions require a full understanding of the company’s core values, vision and mission of the company and style/policies of operation which can immediately bring results for the positions that we recruited. Moreover, the success rate will be much better and if there could be any consequences, it would be at the control level. This is because the applicant’s character, persona, strength and weakness are already known by the recruiter. The internal recruitment also gives us the upper hand to control the salary packages which directly able to manage the cost of operation. External recruitment can be done for above mentioned positions when there is an insufficient talent to step up for the position or positions for certain departments that require fresh ideas or paths, for example, Business Development, content creation, research and development and etc.

    Entry level and junior executives position levels shall be based on external recruitment. At this level, the experienced seniors are able to train and mould these new staff according to the company core values and style and instil the company’s vision and mission. Recruiting externally will give the opportunity to identify fresh talents which could be an asset for that organization. If the employee does not possess the right attitude and the right attribute, we can drop that employee. The risk level of recruiting new people at this level is very low and the financial implication and impact are relatively low compared to senior positions and above.

    All the above I mentioned are the framework of recruitment which I personally feel right and have been practising till now. However, there are some situations where we need to recruit externally. For example, if an organization is opening a new business arm or new venture, the organization need to recruit a candidate who has the experience or expertise externally.