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  • Lai Foong Sern

    November 2, 2021 at 10:11 pm

    Hi lecturer Paramjeet and all coursemates, it’s my pleasure to meet all of you here. You can call me FS and I’m from Shah Alam. I have completed my degree in Software Engineering from First City University College in Bandar Utama. Right away graduated from degree, I decided to pursue further (while my mind is still fresh as a student) and did a Master in IT Management from University of Nottingham Malaysia.

    Once I got the ‘ticket’ to look for a job, I joined DXC Technology (back then it was known as CSC) as a fresh graduate programmer. After hustle for few years, I was promoted to senior programmer and currently as a team lead taking care DXC’s client Amgeneral Insurance. I have the chance to manage a small team but not in management level yet.
    The objective of taking MBA is to upskill myself, to have competitive advantage and also to be well-prepared for management role in the future. Furthermore, by learning MBA, is a new opportunity for me to learn business knowledge that I can apply into my job in the future. My career aspiration is to have a managerial position to lead a big team and to help company to achieve its goals.

    As my goal is to hold a managerial position, I strongly believe that strategic decision making and management is extremely important for me to succeed especially for a person in managerial role as he/she need to make the best decision for the employees and also need to manage his/her employees to work as a team in order to lead everyone to the right direction and goal.