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  • Rahimah Maisarah Mat Sidik

    November 2, 2021 at 6:50 am

    The recent survey that I participated is from Microsoft support whereas I evaluate the rating of their technical support.

    There are only 3 question, the first one is the overall quality of the support experience. Answering to this question is using the rating method and I can evaluate the satisfaction level. The second question is to reconfirm whether the issues has been resolved. This is to reconfirmation with user is necessary as it will determine to reopen the case if the issues has not been resolved. Lastly the third question is optional where we can elaborate more on the reason why we gave that rating. This question in most crucial as from this opinions they can understand the user satisfaction.

    These type of survey is common question after we raise the ticket or an incident or request while using their product or services. As technical support myself, I find that this survey is helpful whereas I can see my users satisfying level for my support services. This way I can used their opinions or critics to improved the support method.