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  • Qairul Muzzammil Kamaruzaman

    November 2, 2021 at 12:16 am

    In one of organization I previously worked with, remuneration and appraisal programs were consistent with the organization’s strategy, under one expatriate Managing Director. He has set a standard practice on how the appraisals were done and how it linked back to yearly bonus and increment.

    From a perspective, in a few years, the MD has managed to bring back the organization from red to black by some measures, some of these relate back to appraisal and remuneration program.

    The appraisal system was tough, in a way to discipline the employees. Tardiness and frequent medical leave will pull your appraisal marking to zero, or even negatives. Your daily tasks outputs are important, but as the MD is from Japan, he believed in discipline is the key to good performance.

    Then the appraisal results will relate back to bonus and increment. There were employees that received RM 1 bonuses and increments as the result. These employees do have a grey track record on their discipline, and somehow, I would feel this practice had brought a negative out come in stead of positive one; surely there were well disciplined employees that were receiving good appraisals, however their ratio is small, which not able to increase morale of whole employees. Much of the employees resigned, which made the organization left with under achievers.

    The MD also believes in upskilling through learning; he has created much A4 one-slider of critical thinking materials, pasted throughout the hallways and staircases. He had also sometimes set up a meeting to teach the engineers and middle managers knowledge based on his experience.

    However the organization did not foster external trainings for their employees as they think it will be a waste of times, these trainings only for collecting certificates, and for job hopping. This is what I felt as inconsistent strategy.

    I was with this organization for one year, before joining an IT company in Cyberjaya (not current one).