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  • Saiful Bahtiar Mat

    November 1, 2021 at 8:33 pm

    I have previously worked in Company S for 10 years.

    Every 3rd Friday of the month, after Friday prayer, we are encouraged to relax which mean we should be out of office after 2 pm. We can go on spa trips, joining community work (as a team), exercise at the gym, play our favourite sports or even watching movies. This activity was called Work Hard Play Hard (WHPH).

    Annually, Company S would also organise a Mega WHPH day where staff can bring their family to play games, enjoy the food and the entertainment. The reasons behind WHPH are to promote a healthy lifestyle, generate happy work culture, to motivate staff and to make the staff enjoy their stay in the company. True enough, everybody was looking forward for the WHPH day.

    However, this was never implemented in FE Department (FED). The manager in FED did not believe that the policy of WHPH would benefit the department because of their nature of work, whereby they need to deliver the study on future projects, attend meetings and engagements with stakeholders and collaborate with vendors. WHPH would only slow down the deliverables. FED also believed that WHPH should be implemented as a team and individuals who organise the activity without the department’s consent is considered as taking emergency leave or absent from work.

    Consequently, the FED staff were dissatisfied. Their dissatisfaction is apparent in the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) conducted by HR and every year WHPH appeared as one of the things that FED need to implement.

    In my opinion, the HR should act immediately towards the department who ignored the benefits of practicing the Company’s policy, especially when said issue arises every year in JSS. After all the WHPH is always the selling point for HR when they conducted the interview to attract young and experienced hire.