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  • Maizatulziah Modin

    November 1, 2021 at 3:13 pm

    When was the last time you participated in a survey? How helpful do you think was the information you provided?
    How could the research have been done differently to make it more effective? Discuss.

    The recent survey that I had participated was from the Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH) on “Are You Ready to Live with Covid-19?”.
    The survey was posted in early October in alignment with Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan (NRP) to allow traveling across state borders.

    The respondents need to answer based on their understanding of the Covid-19 Standard of Procedure (SOP) and the current 3W Practice (Wash, Wear and Warn) and 3C Practice (Crowded Space, Confined Space, and Close Conversation).

    Also, the respondents have to answer whether those SOP can be applied in the workplace in conjunction to back to the office safely campaign.

    The objective was to know whether Malaysians are ready to live with the virus or not. From the participant’s answers, the result shall be reflected in Malaysian adoption readiness.

    From the overall questions, there were no questions that allow participants to state whether their workplaces meet the requirements from MOH.

    Most questions asked whether the participants agree to have limited personnel to enter the pantry, washroom, and meeting room which we can simply say yes. However, there were no further questions on the implementation, whether the company has implemented it or not.

    How could the research have been done differently to make it more effective?

    The research can ask the further question on the implementation status.

    For example, the research can ask “Is your company policy has aligned with the current Covid-19 SOP?”. Then, in order for MOH to narrow down the sector and Industry, the question may ask “Which Industry/Sector are you working for?”

    If both questions have been asked in the survey, MOH can analyze how many organizations have implemented the recommended SOP according to their sector and Industry. The SOP implementation has to be thoroughly implemented in all sectors with no discrimination for the sake of public health.

    MOH should get the answer from both employers and employees for the transparent analysis. Some workers may not have the capacity to complain to their management but they can provide their concerns in external surveys in which the identity is anonymous.

    -Mai M-