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  • Siti Zaidah Binti Abdullah

    November 1, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    Hi Mr Paramjeet and fellow classmates. Good day. Nice to meeting you guys here. I am Siti Zaidah from JB. You may call me Zai. I am residing in Pasir Gudang, Johor. Ya well, i guess most of you are from KL/ Selangor area, let’s catch up for a cup of coffee, in case you wish to visit Johor !😃

    I have graduated from the most prestigious University in Malaysia, University of Malaya (UM) in Bachelor of Accounting. Upon grad, I have embarked my career in Accounting field and experienced in acounting position for five years mostly in manufacturing and semiconductor industry. I have been responsible on AP (Account Payable ) , AR (Account Receivable) and had the chance to in charge GL (general ledger) side, back in 2013-2018. Life has been a roller coaster but it’s give a good experience to my life journey. We never know what the future holds, unexpectedly after that I have made a career switch to Marketing line as my strong interest and passion in Marketing and Business. I found myself has a strong negotiation skills and networking ability. I am passionate, energetic and treasure my job as education marketer, in one of private University in JB. I have been an integral member of the Marketing Team for University and have been actively organised outreach programs, collaboration projects with other stakeholder in education industry , took in charge and led the team in various events in promoting University and the study program. Besides, I am also doing my ice-cream business ( niche in mochi ice-cream product)and having my own team.

    Therefore, MBA is the right path for me to choose, as to apply whatever management/ business theories that I learn which would help me to manage my business well,build high-performance team besides to upgrade myself in term of qualifications. Actually, I have been planned to take this program since Dec 2019, but due to other work / family commitments, I keep on hold. Thanks to current pandemic situation that encourage Higher Institutions to go for an online mode, to provide flexible time arrangements in term of lecture session etc to the master students, thus I can manage my schedule.

    The subject Strategic Decision Making and Management will lead me to learn about prioritization, making a decision at the right time, conflict management and problem solving skills. These skills are crucial for today’s leader to set a direction for the organisation and improve efficiency because anytime obstacles might come in the progress of the company,hence making a right decision will improve employee motivation and help the organisation survive, grow and thrive