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  • Qairul Muzzammil Kamaruzaman

    November 1, 2021 at 2:07 pm

    From my experience, I do agree that Managers are now playing major role in developing and implementing HRM Practices. This is true as we can see non-HR managers directly involves in hiring, determining skill matrix and job requirements, appraisal, training arrangement and others.

    In my opinion this is due to the managers themselves has in depth knowledge in their department’s roles and responsibilities, processes and especially the staff themselves.

    This doesn’t mean that HR personnel’s role has decreased, in stead they have shifted their roles towards becoming a Business Partner, where they works directly with organization’s senior leadership and understand how HR operates for a successful company.

    For a smaller company, the HR roles (wages calculation etc.) are being outsourced to a third party company, and keeping some pf the HR tasks on the hands of Managers.