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  • Leonard Robinson Chin

    November 1, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    The most recent survey that I participated was in an online survey form for Decathlon. As a registered member, Decathlon did send me a survey to complete with regards to their online store shopping experience. The questions in the survey was formulated in a combination of multiple option selection, Likert scale and free text options. The survey was using Google forms and it only had text inside.

    As to how useful was the information that I provide to the survey would heavily depend on the responses from the other participants as well. Here is my take on this kind of Google form based / online based surveys. I always feel that is has become such a cliché to fill up such survey forms to a point where responders just simply fill it up. This is clearly evident in Likert based question and especially when there is a lot of such questions the respondents would just simply select the answer either all of it will have the same answers or random selections. This would greatly skew the results of the survey.

    i feel that one to one interview or focus group session ( either f2f or virtually) would be better option to get to really understand the opinions of the consumers. However this may not be feasible if the sample size is very large. Hence I feel enhancements to survey forms should be done to include interactivity such as video and audio narration. That way the respondents will be engaged during the survey and stimulated to provide actual answers rather than just have the motivation to complete all the questions as quick as possible to submit it. For example when asking the question How do you feel about the website design? Instead of just stating the question in text, perhaps some interaction of the different parts of the website is display and the user clicks and select what they like and dislike about it. That way perhaps we can get a more genuine answers from the respondents.