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  • Siti Zaidah Binti Abdullah

    November 1, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    This is because the non-HR managers work closely and effectively with their staffs. Hence, by working closely and cohesively with the subordinates than the HR managers, they can monitor and educate/train staffs under them on how to perform in their work, things to improve and they can recommend for training and development needed.That’s how the new age HR is different from the older version. The old HR was isolated but the modern view is that HRM is a subsystem of a larger system of organization. Everyone has to have basic knowledge in HR like maximize the usage of company’s HR system, for instace daily e-record attendance, applying leave or time-off ,claim procedures etc. Therefore, Non HR-managers also have some amount of HRM roles as summarised below:

    Enforce company policy

    Non- HR managers can provide imperative informations to set proper practices & operations policies in line with organization’s strategy. Managers enforce company policy, creating positive working environment with respect, accountability and responsibility.Besides, to ensure staffs are disciplined, smooth daily operations

    Staff Management

    Non-HR managers know well about their staff’s performance, skills, strengths, weaknesses, attitude etc. Begins with recruiting process or matching employees with the right positions. Mangers are then required to train new employees.


    To ensure their subordinates execute their job and work together to acheive organization’s goal. On top of that, non-HR managers have to develop and train their team for better performance


    There are hierarchy in the company , thus different people manage different department andlevel. Non-HR managers act as the communication chain between top management and employees.


    They executed their mandates as been delegated to them by HR manager. Effective managers delegate tasks accordingly and maximise the strengths within their team


    Manager is the one who supposed to encourage and keep motivate subordinates to increase productivity , achieve and maintain good performance. For instance, a proper recognitions system will improve quality of work. This will boost up their spirit and motivation to deliver their job well.The staff that prove good result should be rewarded


    Manager is required to evaluate employee performance through performance appraisal to ensure job is delivered and goals are being met.