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  • Logan A/L Govi

    November 1, 2021 at 11:14 am

    The most recent I was participate the survey for car service. To be honest, I used to complete the survey if there are some rewards attached to it. If not, most probably I will ignore it. The survey feedbacks consist of customer service, cleanness of environment, car condition after the repair and etc. In my opinion, survey will be the best place to provide feedback for improvement in better manner compare with complaints and my feedback may helps them to correct mistakes they have done and provide a better service in my future visits.

    For an effective research, I believe a survey with shorter questions and multiple choice answer may increase rate of responds from customer or users. This can shorten the time to complete the survey which eventually save responders time. Also may try provide some rewards that may increase responder’s interest to complete the survey.(it works for me)