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  • Ida Farisha Binti Meor Alim Shah Shah

    November 1, 2021 at 7:27 am

    In every organization, the employees are the actual asset. Employees have direct effect to the company’s growth and revenue. It only makes sense that each non-HR manager has to learn all HRM practices and implement it in every interactions with their direct subordinates. It is very important for non-HR managers to equip themselves with HRM skills so that they can handle any issues related to human resources more effectively and efficiently.

    In my organization, each manager has minimum of 20 reporting employees and the managers have to do performance review, motivate, communicate and enforce company’s value to each of the subordinates. Only when the managers have master the HRM practices, the employees will then be more effective, productive and loyal to the organization. I am a future manager and I have to interview job candidates to bring into the team, not the HR manager. This is to ensure we are bringing the right skill set and soft skills into the organization. Only managers or Team Leaders know what the job scope entails. Often, it is the non-HR managers are the first one to spot any issues or potential problems, and being the front liners of the team or department – knowing how to handle the issues effectively and proactively will ensure the issues are dealt properly and directly instill the level of confidence and satisfaction amongst subordinates.