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  • Ananthan Balakrishnan

    November 1, 2021 at 3:16 am

    When was the last time you participated in a survey ?

    Last month I have participated in company survey was to collect data on employee satisfaction. It is global annual employee online survey which will happen every quarter.

    How helpful do you think was the information you provided?
    The information I provided it’s important to measure employee engagement with management. It is an opportunity to establish two-way communication and direct voice to the organization as agreement and disagreement on advancement made, recognition, pay & benefits, job role, training & development opportunities, leadership, work environment, etc. The information obtained from the survey will also allow management to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in the organization.

    How could the research have been done differently to make it more effective?

    I would suggest keeping the survey questions short and focused, Short and focused questions helps with both quality and quantity of response.
    Also, offering free discount vouchers will encourage all the employees to participate in the survey.
    Use closed-ended questions whenever possible (e.g. Yes or No), it is easier to answer by the employee and easy to analyze by the organization.


    From: Ananthan Balakrishnan