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  • Hareeraja Thechina Murthy

    November 1, 2021 at 12:19 am

    In our organization, we practice “You work when you need concept”. This strategy is particularly very attractive to the current generation and effective to get the best outcome from the current generation. The current generation does not prefer 9am to 5pm office environment which is being formal sitting in the office on their respective desk. They need space for their creativity, activities, etc. In our organization, we provide their individual desk, but we create multiple interesting workstations for them to work. For example, we prepare a beanbags station, floor pillow station, and long chair station where the staff can utilize their preferred station with their preferred position (sitting, lying down, etc). We also provide some indoor play areas such as darts for their own entertainment. We also have Work from Home concept where the staff can carry out our work at home and at the same time carry out their home responsibilities.
    Our company does not believe in micromanaging because our recruitment policies which we implement vet through the right candidate. There are a series of interviews related to work and lifestyle. We shall go to the extend of attitude and aptitude tests. This is to ensure that we are hiring candidates that suit our organization’s core values rather than the best candidates. We believe that talent is more important and placing the right candidate for the right scope of work will bring the best out of everyone regardless of their qualification, ethnics, race and etc.
    Most of our staff shall complete their work task way much earlier and no last minute job has been encountered for the past 2 years unless its last minute or emergency changes by Client. Most of the time, staff are able to prepare their works one month ahead including getting approval from the Client prior to execution.

    One of the inconsistent matters in this implementation is that we require a larger number of candidates to vet before finding the right candidate. The process will take a longer time to place or replace a position.