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  • Jessy Ng

    October 31, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    The last time I participated in a survey was last week. It was a survey from YouGov, asking questions related to insurance planning decision making and consumption habits. I’d only start on a survey when I have time, because I would try to be honest and diligent when I answer survey questions, with an idea that these surveys would be helpful in an important societal research or the marketing strategy of a brand/company. If at all it is a topic that is not relevant to me, I might skip the survey, as I deem my response will not be accurate.

    With regards to this YouGov survey which I did last week, one thing I noticed is that they had provided the option of “I don’t know” & “Prefer not to say” in the list of answers given. I understand they might want to be more considerate to the respondents by giving these options, but I feel these answer options would lower down the accuracy of the survey, with many people recklessly choosing a convenient answer without having to think.

    YouGov offers incentives in the form of BIG points to the survey respondents, therefore it is unavoidable that some people might conveniently choose the “I don’t know” & “Prefer not to say” as their answers just to get through with it. Therefore I would suggest to remove these options, to increase the effectiveness of the survey.

    Another point to note is that, the surveys should be kept short and simple. It is always hard to gauge audience’s attention span generally, but very often, respondents would not be patient enough to complete survey that is too lengthy.