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  • Hareeraja Thechina Murthy

    October 31, 2021 at 11:31 pm

    Mostly, non-HR Managers are trade/subject experts of each organization who understand their trade/operation way much better. The Managers of each department understand what type of candidates they required based on the nature of work in each position collectively to operate a department.

    For example, positions such as site supervisors for scaffolding works require to be brave of heights, highly responsible for himself, people around him, property around him and the environment, highly adopt safety concept, able to work extra hours if required, and possess Level 2 scaffolding competency certification. However, for the position of Site Scaffolding Material Controller require forklift operating skills, store operation knowledge, highly safety conscious, responsible for himself, people around him, and the environment, and also have an ownership attitude towards all the property and operation and high integrity. Both of them are working at the same project site for one project but these 2 different positions require 2 different types of persona.
    When non-HR Managers understand what they want and they are able to convey their requirements correctly to the HR Manager, then the HR Manager is able to get the right candidate for the requirement with all their skills. HR Manager acts as the facilitator to facilitate the non-HR Manager’s requirement.

    Non-HR Managers also play a vital role in identifying the talents and the best career enhancement for each staff under their leadership. Their KPI and evaluation will help HR Managers to set the best use of the staff for the betterment/growth of an organization.
    HR is not HR Managers or HR Department’s job function only but a collective Managers and individuals’ role to ensure the success of HRM implementation.