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  • Hareeraja Thechina Murthy

    October 31, 2021 at 11:05 pm

    The last survey I took part in was about the effectiveness of the working from home (WFH) concept. The information that I provided is based on the effectiveness of our WFH. Many organizations complain about the effectiveness of the WFH concept but one of my organizations, Sociolytics Sdn Bhd were practicing the WFH concept way before Lockdown/MCO. In the survey I highlighted the way we change our meeting concept and report system and format to suit WFH brings us the effectiveness. The reporting system and format is very important element in the WFH concept. As everyone will work based on the task given, we change the system to work on a preparation basis. For example, we do not create content for the next day, but we create content for the upcoming month and shall get the approval 1 month ahead from the Client for any marketing campaign. This gives us the upper hand in handling customers and staff finds it easy to complete the task and have a better work life balance.

    -How could the research have been done differently to make it more effective?-

    The research/survey should be done based on industrial segments and the nature of the operation. This is because many industries require physical works such as construction, oil & gas, transportation, etc. Even in the mentioned industries, besides the operation department, others such as accounting, Human resource,s etc can still adopt to WFH concept. Industries such as Software development, backend support, marketing and etc can adopt the WFH concept subject to their direct consumer operation. If the research/survey segmentized by industries and operational, I believe the research/survey might give more accurate data which will be useful.