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  • Stefanie Ng

    October 31, 2021 at 9:45 am

    The brand which has succeeded to speak to me most would be Shopee. This brand and also their app have been used by me almost daily since few years ago.

    Personally, it’s their digital marketing efforts that really influenced me on my purchases. An example would be their data collection be it from my social media accounts or my chats, which then will drive their ads on the products I had conversation on to appear. Their other successful digital marketing strategy would be their search engine optimization- for example when searching for “strawberries” the links from Shopee would appear immediately. Another one would be their use of Influencers to promote their products and these Influencers would provide their direct links for easy one-click purchase. Other examples would be catchy tunes during the major festivals in Malaysia, even children love them as it appeals to all ages. They have already recently forayed into the Food Delivery space, even though albeit slower compared to the big players Grab and Foodpanda, nonetheless with a more aggressive marketing campaign, cut-throat promotions and more efficient logistic services it can well compete to be all in one super-app.

    With that said another similar business or company which does not appeal to me would be TaoBao due to the language being used that is less universal. That is a great determent to the non-Chinese users even though with their much better competitiveness in pricing compared to Shopee or Lazada. They could perhaps introduce a dual-language selection to cater for a wider range of users. Lastly would be their logistic options which encourages users to consolidate more purchases into a single shipment to save on cost. This sometimes work against them as users delay their purchases in order to accumulate more items which may not materialize in the end.