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  • Jessy Ng

    October 30, 2021 at 8:43 pm

    These recent years, the trend of HRM is moving from administering HR policies and employee values, to making sure the organization focuses on talent strategies, productivity/performance, and business results, which means the expectation towards HRM has changed to become more strategic and aligned with business objectives.

    This transition is more prominent in big companies, such as MNCs, where the business strategy and results are crucial to create vision and direction for the whole organization. When the size of the organization is big and there are too many employees to be managed by a sole HR department, the non-HR managers who are directly managing the resources plays an important part in monitoring the employee’s utilization, productivity, and skill gaps, in order to implement the HRM practices such as plan for retention, job role assignments, career development, performance management, and even training. Also, it is normal that nowadays HR department will collaborate closely with business operations department in terms of managing the supply and demand side of the company, as business operations are the ones to have firsthand data in terms of business growth and direction. E.g. Non-HR managers in business operations department would then be involved in creating and implementing process for demand and supply, then collaborate with HR in employee recruitment.