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  • Nurul Ajlaa Ridzuan

    October 30, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    Research in its common term is the act of studying a matter or a subject in detailed. Commonly used to explore and understanding a new subject or to discover a new information on existing knowledge we had, research can be defined as a careful examination or investigation on a particular concern, subject or matter that requires in depth systematic or proper scientific methods. This is specifically important to ensure the outcomes or knowledge earned are accurate and reliable.

    In modern times, despite all the discoveries, technology and advanced knowledge public had acquired, continuous and critical research is in fact much more needed and significant compared to the past. It is also a definite requirement for all individuals to apply intellectual while researching given that there are too many resources accessible which may or may not provide reliable or accurate facts and information. Google Search platform for example, is the favorite tool of almost everyone to perceive their research in almost every subject or matter from smallest to the biggest concern anyone could have. However, without proper knowledge to apply the tool, one could be led to wrong or inaccurate facts that may cause serious issue if one to blindly accept the fact. Hence as act of researching are nowadays significant to almost every individual rather than only highly focused by scholars in the past, I believe that knowledge on the proper research methods should be disseminate to public and not limited to educational or skilled industry only.