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  • Mahalakshmi Pavithra A/P Sukumaran

    October 30, 2021 at 5:18 pm

    My current organization is in the PEOPLE business, we hire candidate that meets our organization’s values and beliefs. The purpose is to make our people to be successfully integrated into the company’s Environment and culture. We also strongly encourage employees to be curious, resourceful, thorough, nurturing and genuine. Each employee are required to score their DH, peers or subordinates on weekly basis. This is to evaluate and ensure their performance meet company’s expectations. Scoring of the employee will be based on how the employee being friendly and helpful towards everyone, accuracy in the work, speed of the work and timeliness. Scores and rank of each employee will be announced to all.

    What I feel that need to be improved is the hiring and confirmation procedure – Our company uses Harrison Assessment to match people to the right roles. Every applicants who is applying for jobs have to sit for this questionnaire. The Questionnaire quickly interprets and measures employees behavior, engagement, retention, work preferences and expectations. Job will be given based on specific personality test and scores earned. The setback is either we get applicants who doesn’t score well on their test or doesn’t fit to the role they applied regardless of their experience.