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  • Hareeraja Thechina Murthy

    October 30, 2021 at 4:57 pm

    Research is the process to find or conclude the answers. Just like every process, there shall be theories frameworks to carry out the process. It provides concepts or ways to do the process. Research fundamental is to collect the data, analyze, understand, and conclude. However, most of the time, we shall focus on collecting data on “Race House View” where the focus will be confined narrowly. Just like seeing one single tree in the jungle. Theories provide the framework to look into a wide section just like “Eagle Eye View”, just like looking at the entire forest rather than just a single tree in it. Theory increases a researcher’s awareness of interconnections and of the broader significance of data. The theory allows the researcher to make links between the abstract, the theoretical and the empirical, thought statements and observational statements, etc. The theory is not fixed. It is provisional and open to revision.

    There are many theories or methods that are significant to use for research.
    Primary research theory, Secondary research theory, quantitative research theory, qualitative research theory, descriptive research theory, exploratory research theory, causal research theory and etc.