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  • Lim Yeat Fong

    October 30, 2021 at 11:40 am

    Public Bank is the brands I love as my hobby is saving since I was young. After I grown up when purchase car & property, Public Bank is always my first choice. It is one of the top 3 banking group in Malaysia and create value for over 8 millions customers in Malaysia. It carry well known reputation as their efficiency & “strict-to-rule” loan approval, but this reduce a lot in bad debt ratio compare to other competitors.

    And that’s why I also bought its stock to become little shareholder, and steadily grow guarantee my investment for many year. 😀

    I believe with the good management & operation experience, Public Bank have plenty room for improvement in oversea marketing, and I hope Public Bank can do better to advance itself to become international player in banking. 😇