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  • Saiful Bahtiar Mat

    October 30, 2021 at 9:57 am

    In my opinion, research is the activity that we perform in order for us to gain insight about the subject, the topic or the issue that we are interested in (either work related, hobby, out of curiousity etc).

    From the research that we conducted, we gather necessary data for us to digest and further use them to generate valuable discussion. The data from our reseach could be scientific data or historical information. For example, if we are doing a meta analysis on a specific disease such as Coronavirus disease, we would require multiple scientific studies/ journals etc. However, if we are doing a research on public figures such as Ungku Aziz, we will encounter resources such as bibliographies.

    Research is very significant in this modern era because we want to eliminate false information, wrong data, biased research and incorrect sources especially we are overwhelmed with lots of information in the internet. False information will lead to bad assumptions, create panic and fear mongering, as well as create bad reputations not only to the informant but also to the organisation.