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  • Siti Hamizah Mohammad

    October 30, 2021 at 9:14 am

    The brand that successfully speaks to me is Skechers. Their range of footwear – running, walking, sandals and slippers are not only eye-catching but also very comfortable. At this age – I’m looking for comfort first, and design second. With Skechers, I can get both. Plus, the products are of high quality, and highly durable. You can use the same pair for years. Although the price can be on the high side for certain products, some promotions can be irresistible during a certain period. For example, 50% off on certain designs, or get the 2nd item for RM 1. Considering this, it makes the purchase worthwhile and reasonable. Moreover, my age group is mainly working adults, so we do have money to spend (although some might need to save first). Also, they collaborate with a lot of other characters and individuals to produce special editions, for example, Hello Kitty, One Piece, Park Seo Joon, and many more. If you’re a fan of these characters, these series can also become collectibles that add value.

    On the other hand, advertisements for Home Expo featuring a baby in afro hair do not make any sense to me. Although this might be an old advertisement, even after years, it still didn’t get to me. I have to agree the baby is cute, but it didn’t portray anything relating to Home Expo, or furniture exhibition. I think advertisers and marketers should market the event using featured products and furniture, or the ambiance of a space or home where people can picture themselves living in the space. This too, can spark imaginations and encourage consumers to carefully think of the products they wanted to buy to create their dream home.