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  • Pavala Malar Nadan A/L Mariappan .

    October 29, 2021 at 11:00 pm

    In short, theories are an explanation that provides underlying logic for phenomena.

    Having said that, theory shows the field in which our research topic situated and provides framework for the research development.

    Theory contains concepts and model that provides simplified explanation of reality and allow us to narrow down our investigation and identify best suited methodology for our research.

    Besides that, theory aids us on how to read and use empirical data for research findings. We use theory as guidance on what to measure from these data. These measurements derived from the model and concept based on the theory.

    If we have theory that provides explanation of a particular phenomenon, it will help us to identifies relevant constructs and relationship that might worthy of further investigation. In other word, it provides platform and network for research.

    One of the best ways to conclude our research in concise manner is by framing it against the theory. Theory will aid us to better express our idea, our data analysis and summarizes our research.