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  • Wee Sern Low

    October 29, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    “Consider one of the organizations you have been affiliated with. What are some examples of human resource practices that were consistent with that organization’s strategy? What are examples of practices that were inconsistent with its strategy?

    Each of you can guys can reply and come up with your own examples within your company.”

    With regards to the above discussion and own example as stated in this, here is this Corporation C that I used to be attached to when I just came into workforce, and the management is providing much and high opportunities for young and new staffs (I was young then, only around 20), to take up certain major roles in the corporation and allowing us to be engaged with many training opportunities.

    I do believe that the organisation’s strategy is to develop new blood and new thinking into the corporation and assisting new staffs to be adapted to the business culture and also integrating new culture into their organisation.

    However, as time passes, we felt that our ideas generated were still being suppressed although certain ideas and thinking were adopted but through a very long process after lots of meeting and discussion were done.

    On top of that, though opportunities were seemed to be given to young and new staffs, but unjustified and less fair practices were given to us, and gradually, the turnover rate of new staffs begin to increase and only then was this issue reflected and tabled.

    Just a sharing of thought and experience on this particular topic, as this is an issue faced by me in my early days in workforce attached to a listed entity.

    – Low Wee Sern, Sheng