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  • Wee Sern Low

    October 29, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    “What brands and products do you feel successfully “speak to you” and effectively target your age group? Why? Which ones do not? What could they do better?”

    In my opinion, I believe the juis of this question is on the types of products and marketing strategies that are done to reach out to different age groups with the different mentality and analytics at different stages of one’s life. As we may all be of different age groups and from different industry and walks of life, we will have differing view points on this matter.

    For myself, when I first see this topic, the thing that caught me was food, and I believe that not only in JB area, but also KL region, that there are food streets named as “bubble tea street”, “Fried Chicken Chop Street” and so on. As for me, I feel that the first thing that caught my mind in this topic is a necessity in life that is food, especially to a glutton like me in my early 30s.

    I believe that a few bubble tea brands are doing well in their marketing by having youths and young working adults to “like, share and post” on online social media upon their purchase and to receiving discounts on that and/or next purchase after doing so. As I had mentioned in the lecture on my view on whether marketing is creating needs or satisfying needs, I believed that myself and other peers did touch on that this current time now being a digital age, everyone is moving forward to social media be it for news, interaction, spending and even on classes for kids or to upgrading ourselves.

    As such, I feel that their marketing and branding to get “people-passing around-people” or a “C2C” marketing strategy is effective as it will always pop-up onto our social media pages be it FB (Meta), or IG, as we are constantly scrolling on such applications when we are free and it refreshes our mind and desire to get a cup and another day after day.

    As per which do not, I feel that in the aspect of food or F&B industry, traditional food, as we can see from news especially during the phases of MCO, that many well-known established stalls and shops have closed down during this pandemic as I believe that marketing for their product are not done to the specific targeted groups and people tend to forget when it is less seen and not refreshed on to our mind.

    Just a casual sharing in this forum and to remind myself to be young by using bubble tea as a sharing =)

    – Low Wee Sern, Sheng