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  • Arivalagan Mathyvanan

    October 29, 2021 at 1:10 am

    Hi Mr Paramjeet and my fellow coursemates, my name is Ariva, the longer/correct version will be Arivalagan Mathyvanan.

    I graduated from UNITEN (Kajang), majoring in Electrical & Electronics Communication engineering.

    I am in Klang Valley – and been in IT field for the past 10++ years. (yes I know engineering didn’t do much justice for me).

    MBA was something that I have been planning ever since I completed my Bachelors, but due to various reasons the plan didn’t kick start- now that I had a lot of time to spare at home thanks to the pandemic, I was thinking this the time.

    Of course, MBA would be essential for me to move forward in my career, be it being in managerial position or not.