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  • Arivalagan Mathyvanan

    October 29, 2021 at 1:00 am

    Consider one of the organizations you have been affiliated with. What are some examples of human resource practices that were consistent with that organization’s strategy? What are examples of practices that were inconsistent with its strategy?

    Each of you can guys can reply and come up with your own examples within your company.

    There is this Company X which I was with for around 5-6 years, they were few HR practices that they developed and it has been successful, however this particular one for me has been one that I think was very effective and essential for the organization.

    The company runs an annual survey that provides some questions in covering some towers of practices ( e.g Team Management, Career Progression, Workplace Behaviors and etc.) this survey draws a marker on the line manager that will impact the way he maneuvers the team and in return brings out the best of both line manager and employee on what both parties need.

    The approach above I would categories as coaching and development in bringing the optimize outcome for the organizational hierarchy.