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  • Siti Zaidah Binti Abdullah

    October 29, 2021 at 12:51 am

    Research is about finding the facts through diligent investigation using the systematic and scientific method in order to ascertain something. Research also promotes the development of critical thinking as it’s a part and parcel of human knowledge, kind of art as well as investigation science to solve immediate problems of human relations and also different business and government issues.


    The research result will be used for business decision. Research play a role to the business field and economy as whole. It helps to understand the customers’ need ,to meet potential investors and so on through research process. For instance as below (just mention few niche of business) :

    Healthcare – Research is crucial to finding possible cure for diseases as well as preventive actions for that particular diseases, like current worldwide outbreak, Covid-19.

    Creative Industry (like films/drama/broadcasting companies)- They do research and study to create realistic stories based on real-life events and problems. A scriptwriters or content producers realise how vital research is in validate/ justify the context of the stories, which trying to entertain and educate the audience.

    Consumer goods – For industries like agriculture, F&B, manufacturing, communication and technology, semiconductors etc invest in R&D in order to improve their products/services/design etc just mean to have competitive advantage as well as to measure and grab opportunities.

    Social problem

    Futhermore, other than conducting science experiments, research can be acquired through reading book/ articles, watching shows, listening to talk and interacting with other people which research helps to understand people besides insights obtained via research process like through data collection, analysis and other approaches. For instance, psychologist carry out the research through interview/ survey about sleeping behaviour among working adults. The findings is to show how vital sleep is to healthy brain function.


    In addition, The research is integral part to understand current issues and increase public awareness. It is imperative to set benchmarking tool for companies, investors,policy makers or other stakeholders. For instance, to discover fake news, government has imposed fine for those who spread fake news. On top of that, there is also a campaign with hashtag ‘tak pasti, jangan kongsi’ to remind society on how important to check/ verify the reliability of the source and legitimacy of the media before post it up on social media or share it to others as the truth is vital to the process of research.

    In a nutshell, research enables one to understand the new developments in certain field in a better way, equips one with knowledge and keep the mind active.