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  • Nur Aina Azizan

    October 28, 2021 at 10:52 pm

    Product that really fulfil my needs is “Ariani”. Maybe some of you are not familiar with this brand. So let me explain what is “Ariani”. Ariani is a Malaysian based premium scarf brand. The company established in 2008 with their unique product awning tuning. As a user of a scarf, the quality that Ariani provide is the latest trends/design and definitely highest quality of fabric for their customer. With this quality and target segment, customer able to maintain the image and ethos of Muslim compliance.

    In addition why I love this brand because they create the their own branding as a one stop center for Muslimah wear needs. And they do offer the range of price for different type of scarf. The most important thing is when you wear it you can feel the worthy of the money you spend on it.
    One of their marketing strategy is they open the outlet in urban area whereby their target market is in this area. And with their latest design, they are actually inspire muslim women to be fashion inspired.

    They also have good work force which 1 personnel for 1 customer in their outlet.
    Their target market is for working lady & housewife. In my opinion, the thing that Ariani can do better is expanding their target market. Maybe they can make a variety scarf for teenagers with affordable price. This method will also encourage teenagers to wear scarf and still looks fashionable. Therefore it can be one of their opportunities for the business expansion.