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  • Lai Foong Sern

    October 28, 2021 at 10:44 pm

    No doubt that a product that I feel successfully “speak to me” is mobile game. As a gamer back in old days (well, try to sound more professional but in fact is just another average joe who addicted to game), I’m so addicted to computer games and never thought that one day a computer game can fit into mobile phone and known as mobile game. To be specific, the mobile game that really impress me is Mobile Legend Bang Bang by Shanghai Moonton Technology company.

    The game and its company have been using many effective and brilliant marketing plans in order to establishing a long-term relationship with gamers/consumers and at the same time to attract new gamers/consumers. The top marketing strategy did by the company is they managed to secure a place in international Esports tournament that will be held annually with participants from Asia, South America and Europe. This has definitely help them to reach out more new gamers/consumers internationally. Another effective marketing strategy is they provide platform for influencers or professional gamers to livestream their game playing experience and they will get paid. This indirectly attract all the fans/followers of the influencers and professional gamers to play this game. Based on these examples, I would say that these marketing strategies are effectively target my age group.

    Obviously, this company is on the right track in marketing this game (with 11 millions IG followers and 10 millions FB followers). In my opinion, the game company can give back to the community by doing charity and helping those in need. This is an excellent way to raise awareness and also promote the company/game. Furthermore, giving back to community will also strengthen the company/game relationship with existing gamers/consumers. Another marketing strategy that I can think of for this game to continue expand in international market is to collaborate with big mobile phone brands like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi etc by pre-installing this game in their new mobile phone. This is the most challenging part but succeed in doing this will bring this company/game to the highest level.

    There are many mobile games which couldn’t live up the expectation and survive long enough in the gaming market. In my opinion, they do not have enough capital to perform various marketing strategies, and this led them to have lesser exposure. It could also be they have used the wrong marketing strategies and it didn’t reach out to their intended gamer/consumer group. In order for them to do better, they must be very clear with their target gamer/consumer group and perform marketing strategies that are interesting to them.