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  • Pub Hon Low

    October 28, 2021 at 8:39 pm

    The brand/product is Apple Iphone. When it first came out, it is so innovative and completed changed our life.
    The reason I choose this as my preferred, is because of the way Apple designing the product; which is always take user experience at the first priority. Apple is famous in innovative in a “conservative” way. They normally will not roll out any new feature unless it was fully designed and suite the actual user experience.
    Also, the ecosystem in Apple is also seamlessly well. Apple users also get longer support in terms of software/update support (4-5 years compare with other brands which is 2-3 years).
    Unlike other brands phones, which always put in “gimmick” function/feature in their product; the way it interact with users is not really good in that way. For example, Samsung phone have a impressive camera which can take a photo of the Moon surface. However, this feature seem to be not so relevant to the users daily life. My suggestion to them in order to compete with Apple is, focus more on user experience and also improve the software/security update support.