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  • Kubendren Kathiravaloo

    October 28, 2021 at 7:50 pm

    In my opinion,the Google is web browser and effectively conceive my age group to use it.It has been free,fast and easy to use compare to other web browser.It does not required any programming or database skills to interact with google apps.It does required any installation and can be access from any where.

    The product which not able to reach my age target audience is Fitbit Force watch.Complaints began to arise from users who were experiencing skin rash issues from sustained wear of the band, however. The company previously offered to replace devices with other trackers, or refund the money of those affected, but now it’s going all in on a full-scale recall.

    The company should have more focus on research and development to produce a quality product which not give negative impact to the customers. It not only effect the company reputation but the customer will not trust on the product of these company in the future.