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  • Leonard Robinson Chin

    October 28, 2021 at 6:31 pm

    I have always placed Grab on a high pedestal amongst start-up companies. Their services offered is really in touch with the current market needs. If you look at the history of Grab although short history, Grab started as a company called MyTaxi. When MyTaxi was first launched in Malaysia, it directly addressed an issue that consumers were facing which is bad taxi drivers. Anyone living in Klang Valley during that period of time can attest to the bad nature of the taxi service. From drivers who simply charge their passengers until drivers who are rude and dirty. So MyTaxi came in and address the issue to transparent pricing of the fare. When booking the taxi the fare is clearly stated and that is the price the consumer will have to pay. The rating system incorporated into the app allows taxi drivers, their taxi and their service to be rated and ranked. Drivers with low ratings might receive less booking and so on. Over the years MyTaxi was rebranded to Grab and offered a host of other services such as ride sharing, food delivery as well as e-wallet. The company always strives to bring new innovation to the consumers.

    On the other end of the spectrum, many local movie streaming services has failed consumers miserably. Take for example iFlix. When they first launched I was supportive of local companies and sign-up for a year. During the initial months, they had a wide range of contents including international movies. But over time, their rights to this movies expired and they didn’t renew or get new movies into their catalogue. That led to the drop in the available content. Even their local and Asian content has getting lesser and lesser. Another similar local streaming service is DimSum. During initial launch they had a wide selection of Asian movies including my favorite Thai horror movies. Unfortunately similar to iFlix they did not maintain their library nor add more movies. Ended up very little content available. Local movie streaming services need to ensure that they maintain and upgrade their collection of movies in order to still captivate the consumers.