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  • Karen Xaviour

    October 28, 2021 at 6:26 pm

    Nike has been doing a great job in positioning its products in the market. They have great styles, designed, perfect endorsers and catchy advertisements in print and online. I use Nike products in almost all my sports when i hit the gym, running, basketball and I even use Nike shoes as a casual wear.

    See, Nike noticed that people are wearing athletic shoes for comfort and casual wear, and as “streetwear” and not just for sports. They design shoes to fill these needs. More people are wearing athletic shoes as casual wear. Kids these days wear Nike shoes to school, women across the world use them during vacations especially when there’s a lot of walking involved and some even to work simply because of the comfort and the light weight of the shoes.

    Nike target group is very broad because their line can cater to different sports done by people of all ages. They can cater to children’s, teenagers, adults and even senior citizen.

    Nike is already successful in its branding and positioning in the market but to improve their successful branding they should work further on their corporate social responsibility. Not only will they be help the less fortunate but also the environment.