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  • Qairul Muzzammil Kamaruzaman

    October 28, 2021 at 6:01 pm

    As a heavy user of Facebook since early part of 2008, I would say this product is has succeed where Friendster or Myspace (or even Circle 99) fails. It has the exclusivity during its earlier days, require you to use your actual name. It linked to your tertiary organization, due to its requirement of signing up using university account, where it is able to make you feel sense of belonging or something to relates for.

    Friendster was the platform popular earlier in Malaysian scene, but it lacks of progressive and understanding the change in online scene.
    Myspace provided the opportunity to be creative and different from others, which can be said only target certain niche. Again this was the early days of online social platforms, and the market is still in its early days.

    Fast forward, we can see that Facebook has evolved its strategy to be more inclusive, so much that it opened the opportunities to be a platform of spreading false information, target marketing and racial intolerances. This is due to shift on approach where anyone can join the platform, without the needs to verify the account owners.
    Nonetheless, Facebook still being the most popular social network platform globally (link shown at the bottom) and mainly for 30 years and above age range compared to other platform such as Instagram, twitter and the latest hype Tiktok.

    Tiktok with is short video format really catches the younger users and really catching up with the more matured platforms so much that these platforms need to adapt to Tiktok’s content format, which can be seen in Instagram’s reel and Youtube’s short videos.

    It was the same as when Instagram started with short videos “Stories” that it’s parent company Facebook opt to have the same format on its platform.

    But what I think the edge that Facebook has compared to other platforms is its versatility in content formats; long structured posting, picture and video sharing, link sharing, live feed sharing and even adding video game streaming to its products. These are more appealing to larger crowd and older age user (until pre gen-z). Instagram focuses more on creating likable pictures and videos, while twitter with its micro blogging hinges on fast and more open communication (or collaboration). We can even see the difference in feedback from each platform users in certain issues.

    With the emerging news on Russian influence in US elections, the covert operation on Facebook’s platform has come out on the surface. It was an open secret that fake accounts were created and used to alter the platform user’s view on certain regional issues, and its usage during US elections has make it clear that these platforms can bring harm to the society if not being used carefully. As the product owner, Facebook has to improve on this and be more transparent in how their are handling the enormous data gathered from each user, and how it’s being shared to third parties.

    Link : https://www.statista.com/statistics/272014/global-social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-users/