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  • Ishwinder Singh

    October 28, 2021 at 4:36 pm

    Research by definition from Merriam Webster states that it is an activity of getting information about a subject or a careful study that is done to find and report new knowledge about something. In order to do research, it’s important to filter through the different type of knowledge or materials available in the open. Many times, people based their findings on superficial level of research. An example in the real world would be, if we receive a WhatsApp message saying – lemon water mix with ginger and honey can cure Covid. This is not research based on the highest hierarchy of research but based on hearsay and common believe which would not fall under the lowest category of the level of evidence. The level of evidence we need to pay attention to is important to know the validity of a research. As meta-analysis being the highest order, even that can be proven to be wrong in time based on new evidence or lack of evidence in conducting the first research. Hence, we should not categorize all research as fact but knowledge we can gather to conduct further analysis.