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  • Wee Sern Low

    October 27, 2021 at 3:16 pm

    “What do you mean by research? Explain its significance in modern times.”

    In my opinion, research is on sourcing of primary & secondary data and information, and analysing them with our relevant areas of discussions or problems, so as to attain some solutions to obtaining information that includes our opportunities, strengths and setbacks.

    Ever since the past, our forefathers had been researching on ideas and innovations, be it products or theories, to improve our livelihood and education. As we know that we are now in a digital era, research is of an ease and we shall take up this advantage as we are able to obtain both data and information more easily comparatively from the past, and since we are now in a digital age, by doing research it gives us the ease to draw up a big data analysis in achieving a higher successive rate and results in the works that we do.

    – Low Wee Sern, Sheng

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