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  • Wee Sern Low

    October 27, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    Hi all, I’m Wee Sern, Sheng. From JB. Basically Im a businessman, graduated with BSc in Accounting from UK University, and I engage in several lines which primarily includes: Education, Financial and Insurance Consultation, Building Material trading and Security services. I am also actively involved in Chinese community being a member and committee in various Associations from Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Persatuan Belia Malaysia (Central Committee), Tiong-Hua Association JB (Committee in the Ancient Chinese Temple section) and Hakka Association Malaysia (Central Committee – Youth Section) and JB (Board Member and Deputy Youth Chief).

    For the aspect of Education, I am a part time lecturer for a few colleges here in JB and KL before this pandemic mainly on Accounting, Finance and Business Management and I am also a visiting speaker for an investment brokerage based in Ireland, UK on Financial planning and Basics in Financial Instrument trading.

    I am also involved in the management of my Financial and Insurance firm, building material business as well as security firm.

    I took up this programme to upgrade myself so as to better manage my businesses and keeping up myself to a higher educational background learn a deeper and advanced theories through lectures and researches in line with the current pandemic where the economy is slow awaiting for a rebound.

    Its definitely my pleasure to meet my lecturers and peers through this course!