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  • Skills for playing football betting that everyone should know

    Posted by hvttalatathui hvttalatathui on April 21, 2023 at 4:15 pm

    Winning in football betting at a new bookmaker uk is something that everyone wants to achieve. This is because football betting is a risky game where players are only given two decisions to make: “which team to bet on” and “how much to bet”. The following skills for playing football betting will help you win on all fronts.

    Carefully analyze the betting odds

    This is considered a skill for playing football betting to improve a player’s winning percentage. The more information you collect to analyze, the higher your chances of winning. So what information do you need to search for when betting?

    First of all, players need to pay attention to the current ranking positions of both teams on the table. If there is too much difference between the positions on the ranking table of the two teams and the betting odds are not high, then you should bet on the stronger team.

    Analyzing the betting odds is an effective skill for playing football betting

    Find out the health and form of both teams. Check if any players have been injured, especially for the starting players and the goalkeeper position.

    Identify the tactics that both teams frequently use. And based on the analysis of tactics to see which tactics will have the advantage.

    In the case where, after analyzing everything that has been collected, you realize that the strength of the two teams is not too different. However, the bookmaker offers a high handicap. At this point, you should bet on the underdog team to ensure a winning bet.

    Plan your betting and manage your budget properly

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    Usually, successful players will always have a betting plan and know how to manage their finances properly. Accordingly, in the plan table, you need to allocate specific time for betting. Ensure that betting activities will not affect your work and daily life.

    In addition to the plan, financial management of betting is also important. You will create your own betting limit. In other words, you will bet the minimum and maximum amount.

    Double the amount of the previous bet

    This is another effective football betting strategy that many players use. However, this strategy requires you to have a strong capital. Capital requirements are 10 times the bet amount in the first round.

    Play betting in the form of doubling

    To apply this strategy, you use 50,000 VND to place a bet and lose the first game. In the second round

    This is considered the lifelong skill for you when participating in sports betting. Never follow the crowd, as it could be a trap intentionally created by the bookmakers. In fact, the crowd you see could be people planted by the bookmakers. This is a trick that bookmakers use in big games. Here, the bookmakers cannot manipulate the match result. Therefore, your own decision is the most correct and accurate. So, to make sound decisions, you need to improve and hone your skills so as not to rely on external factors.

    Choosing the right betting option

    The most effective skill in sports betting is to closely monitor the bookmakers’ betting team. They can predict results with a probability of up to 80%. Therefore, you can use their argument to supplement your analysis.

    Choosing the appropriate betting option after careful analysis

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    A few small notes for players:

    In the case of the higher-ranked team playing away and the handicap given by the bookmaker is between 0.5 and 1 goal. At this point, you should choose the under bet to increase your chances of winning.

    In the case of a draw, the away team should be chosen. Because in most matches where the strength of the two teams is equal or slightly better, the away team will be more motivated to win for their team’s pride.

    Stable betting psychology

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