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SMR HR Group · May 27, 2020

While it’s true that unprecedented times come with unprecedented measures, as a human race we are quick to adapt, innovate, and make the most of any situation that we find ourselves in.

This interactive productivity workshop will help you and your team manage daily chores, their time, attention, and energy effectively in which majority of the team members are working remotely.

The five to six-hour session has five parts, each of which weaves powerful personal productivity tactics with helpful tips on how to get more done each day during challenging time. On top of this, the session includes insights on how to manage the stress that comes from family and office work

What you will learn:

  1. Concepts, tools, and tips that will help you and your colleagues work more efficiently together
  2. Prioritize workloads, delegate tasks and get more from the work
  3. Handling stress with humour
  4. Use of GROW Model to coach and inspire people
  5. Skills to manage stress in life

Modules included:

Module 1: Staying productive during the movement Control Order – Tan Sri Dr R Palan

Module 2: Business continuity during the lockdown – Prof. Dr. Mohamad Salmi

Module 3: The age of analytics and education sector – Prof. Dr. Mudiarasan

Module 4: Working virtually, coaching & inspiring people to drive performance – Mr. Subramanian

Module 5: Embracing stress in life. What are the skills needed? – Assoc Prof. Dr. Zubaidah binti Jamil


Each session 45 – 60 Minutes. Participants and take their time to complete all modules, there is no time limit to this course.

How it works:

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