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SMR HR Group · May 29, 2020

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and changing world, the ability of an organisation and its stakeholders to thrive, is directly influenced by the qualities of its leaders. Individuals who deepen their personal leadership practices, can expand their positive impact within their organisation and in society.

In this leadership webinar series , we will explore how employees at all levels can harness their leadership potential to influence the culture of their organisation, drive change and embed resilience, authenticity and purpose into their decision-making.

This interactive leadership in action workshop will help you to internalize leadership capabilities and mindfulness to lead and inspire team members to be more proactive in facing challenges and achieve organisation’s business objectives.

The five to six hour session has five parts, each of which explores powerful leadership concepts, tactics with helpful tips on how to get more done each day during challenging time.

What you will learn

  • How leadership positively impacts your career and life
  • How to embrace the leadership mindset and recognize your power to influence
  • Real-world examples of everyday leadership in action
  • Key skills to develop to take your leadership capabilities to the next level

Modules included

Module 1 : Mindfulness for adaptive leadership – Mr Uday Khedkar
Module 2 : Leadership during times of change during times of change – Drs. Jitske Kramer
Module 3 : Strategies for #WFH – Puan Nadiah Tan Abdullah
Module 4 : Innovative Leadership – Dr. Jim smith
Module 5 : Leadership in Action – Mr Victor Foo

How it works

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