Executive Certificate in Digital Communication (September 2021)

SMR HR Group · June 22, 2021

• Web content writers
• Marketing professionals
• Home based entrepreneurs
• Small and medium sized enterprises
• Fresh graduates from business disciplines

This course aims to provide practical knowledge to target group participants about digital communication and its primary
components. This knowledge will be useful to participants who wish to explore:
• Employment in the area of digital communication which has become an essential area for most organizations who
have a digital presence.
• Digital entrepreneurship in a wide range of business categories. Knowledge in digital communication will help
entrepreneurs to create constant communication which helps with developing and sustaining relationship with their

Upon completion of this programme, participants should be able to:
• Participants will be able to understand the different role and functions of digital communication
• Participants can evaluate and explain various digital communications channels and their benefits respectively.
• Participants can identify emerging trends in the way consumers behave online.
• Participants will understand the motivation and way consumer’s access and consume media.
• Participants can write content which attracts intended target audiences.
• Participants can design and use the right tools to monitor and measure digital communication initiatives.
• Participants can identify the possible legal and ethical implications of their content and take necessary steps to
mitigate risks.
• Participants will be able to develop an integrated digital communication campaign for maximized exposure.
• Participants can communicate effectively across various digital platforms.

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • Course Certificate